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     I acknowledge her always and feel she’s an active part of my life. As a matter of fact, I believe she was instrumental in connecting me with HTB to begin with. There is a story there!

     The Lovin Run and the Retreats presented are a wonderful opportunity to show support of a healthy lifestyle in preventing cancer. My sister and brother and I feel that Marsha’s life made a huge difference in so many other lives, and her spirit lives on helping others even now. We wanted to acknowledge to her that her life lived on earth was not in vain; she taught us and many others about compassion and generosity and a love of life; how others felt was very important to her.

     My sister Rhonda walks with a walker and braces on her legs and brother Ron has difficulty walking due to medical issues and myself with my own medical issues, chose to do the Lovin Run. None of us have attempted to walk more than about 6 blocks at any time. We believed in ourselves and the power given to us in our desire to honor those we love and those we don’t even know.

     As Rhonda and I were walking along a very clean section of the sidewalk, laying right before us on the sidewalk, was a perfect feather pointing in the direction we were going. Marsha knows that I believe that feathers are messages from heaven – this was an absolute clear message she was with us – encouraging us to go ahead on the path – that she acknowledged our message for her. I picked up the feather and carried it with love, and then other feathers appeared along the path….wow! Messages from others in support as well….My heart was singing and crying at the same time!

     The three of us walked very slowly as that was the only pace we were able….we were the last ones to finish the walk…but…we FINISHED the walk…we DID it! And it was the most empowering and gratifying accomplishment ever!!

     We can honor those we love by caring about our own health and learn about how to live a healthy life, and then live that life generously and with compassion. Thank you HTB!

Marsha Cooper

November 20, 1956 – December 27, 2016

     Full of sunshine, laughter (which was contagious to anyone who heard it), compassion, listening ear, generous heart, organized, creative, supportive, great leader, full of love and understanding

     I am Renee and we have been family since we were in middle school. We have seen each other through many of life’s ups and downs, especially health since we have both been in the health field. I became critically ill in 2015 and she was nursing me back to health when she was diagnosed with rare Stage 4 Bile Duct Cancer. My research showed 2 months prognosis. I dedicated myself to caring for her at home in every way possible. I was so very grateful for that opportunity and the help of supportive family and friends made it all possible. The power of love and compassion are amazing! She passed at Christmas of 2016 (her favorite time of year!)

Marsha Cooper