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I am a 37 year old single mom, native Oregonian and lover of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. My 6 year old son and I have a Mexican hairless dog and a goldfish.  We love to hike, kayak and go to the coast together, among many other fun adventuring types of excursions.

My diagnosis of breast cancer was in March of 2017.  I radically changed my diet to primarily organic plant-based, with juicing and supplements being a large part of my daily routine.  I found Help Team Brenda as I was doing a Facebook search for an alternative treatment called Cryoablation.  Because I am no longer a good candidate for this procedure, I am planning to go with a conventional surgery for removal of the tumor in my breast, but will continue with my anticancer diet.  This procedure (along with my diet and supplements) is more costly than the clinic I looked at to do the Cryoablation. Help Team Brenda decided to come alongside me and my son, to bless us, so that the financial burden may be lifted some. Thank you Team Brenda!!!

Marissa Castro